Welcome to the Laurel University Virtual Financial Aid Office!
 NOTE:  The VFAO interview estimates the tuition cost for your program based on the minimum full-time enrollment standard for your program as follows:
  • Undergraduate Programs - 12 hours
  • Master's Degree Programs - 9 hours
  • Doctorate Program - 6 hours

Regarding Fees listed in Financial Plan: Remember that the financial plan is an estimate. The VFAO site will pro-rate the fees based on less than full-time enrollment. Please be aware that those fees are not pro-rated by Laurel University. They do not change based on a change in enrollment status.

If you have been assigned a University email address, please enter it when completing the interview process.

This site provides services for students applying for Federal Financial Aid.

If you are a new student to this site, please register now to gain access to the Student Interview Center, Financial Aid Estimator, and other resources this site offers related to your Federal Financial Aid Application process.


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